• Begining

    It all started with the goal to shoe my art to the world. It hasn't been an easy journey, but I have enjoyed it with the help of exceptional artists, inspirations, aspirations and friends.

    My main style is traditional tattoos, but my designs are based in color work, dotwork, new school, realism and neotraditional tattoos

  • Journey

    After traveling to different places in my country and experiencing diversity in cultures, I have become a remarkable artist in the tattoo industry. Taking each person to a notorious concept of what each piece of art means to me. Focusing in toys, traditional comics, and important icons that rose in the 90's. My filosophy, ideals, personality, and feelings are reflected in each trace of my tattoos, that's why my modo is "WITH MY ART IM COMPLETE!"

  • Goals

    The discovering of new areas such as drawing, graffiti, music, paint, design, digital, and photography has helped me fulfill and complement my carreer.

    My aspirations will never be enough at the moment of recreating art, thats why my main goal is to be able to take my work to higher levels and becoming an integral artist.

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Yo, con mi arte tengo


- Ben Jacob
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Art Work

Behind each trace and line exists a wish, a memory, a story that deserve to be told with signs and details. Each tattoo is more than a trend, they are an expression, and that's where my work differentiates from the rest.

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